Stacked Design All in One Backup Power Supply Residential Energy Storage System 51.2V 100Ah Stackable Battery Pack

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  • Core Material
  • Voltage
  • Capacity
  • Internal Resistance
  • Max. Discharge Current
  • Power
  • Communication
  • Warranty
    10 years
  • Certificates
    UN38.3 / MSDS / CE / ROHS
  • Color
  • OEM / ODM Service
  • Cycle Life
    4000 times@90%DOD
  • Size of a single battery
  • Inverter Dimension
  • A Single Battery Weight
  • Inverter Weight
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Main Features


* Designed for power outages and restrictions

* Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) offers longer cycle life and good safety performance

* Smart BMS system offers voltage, current, temperature protection, can monitor through App, Bluetooth and Computer. 

* Be more self-sufficient, store electricity to run your home at night, never have a power cut

* Millisecond switching, support UPS and 24-hour uninterrupted power supply.

* Full power continuous output, instantaneous power up to 2 times the rated power.

* Up to 3 inverters in Parallel, plug and play design, Safe and efficient.

* Modular stacking, flexible configuration of energy storage units, power expansion on demand.

* EMS cloud platform data acquisition. Intermittent transmission, easy to achieve Intelligent interconnection.

* Safety protection function: over charge, over discharge, over current, over temperature, short circuit and equalization

* Different energy power for optionals 

The residential energy storage system provides a good way to solve:

* Self-consumption: Off-grid and power shortage area

* Save electricity bills: Electricity arbitrage from the peak-to-valley price difference; 

* Backup power supply: Uninterruptable power supply for power shortage area

* Electricity quota: Reduce electricity quota and save money

* Environmental friendly: Environmentally effective energy with zero emissions

Product Description

The intelligent small energy storage system is combined with advanced LiFe-PO4 lithium batteries, hybrid inverters, energy management systems, and photovoltaic module systems, which is Suitable for home, office, Small Business, farm and other applications.

Advanced lithium ion battery

Using advanced LiFePO4 battery technology, with high rate charge and discharge, high energy density, long cycle life.

High performance hybrid inverter

High efficiency, high reliability, multiple safety protection, accurate tracking of solar energy.

Modular design

Flexible configuration capacity, light-weight design, simple installation and convenient maintenance.

Key Technology

Energy Management and transformation technology

Electrical Connection, system control technology

Intelligent Management and monitoring technology


Product Parameter                                                             

Mode Capacity  
Core Material LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage 51.2V/102.4V/153.6V/204.8V
Rated Capacity 100Ah
Energy Capacity 5.12Kwh/10.24Kwh/15.36Kwh/20.48Kwh
Standard Charging / Discharging current 50A/100A
Float Voltage 40-58.4V(A single battery)
Equalizing Voltage 51.2V(A single Battery)
Maxium Charge / Discharge Current 100A (1C,@SOC>20% @25℃)
Discharging Cut Off Current 40V 
Max Peak Discharging Current 200A (1.5C,@SOC>20%@25℃@5S)
Scalable (Parallel Function) YES
Cycle Life (25℃ 0.5C) 4000+ times @90%DOD
Communication RS485, RS232, CAN
Charge Working Temperature Range 0~+55℃
Discharge Working Temperature Range -20 +55℃
Storage Environment -20±55℃ (40%~60%SOC Storage)
IP Grade IP43
Static Differential Pressure

≤50mV (SOC40%~60%)

Resistance of cells

≤50mΩ (Without cable overcurrent block internal resistance)


~ 57.7KG

Certificates MSDS, UN38.3, CE, IEC62619, UL, RoHS
Battery Warranty Standard 5 years, 10 years optional
More Advantages
OEM & ODM support
Intelligent control, intelligent management,Flexible group arrangement, simple and efficient 






Communication Base station


Hybrid and off grid solar power system ESS Energy storage system


UPS battery backup


Wind solar energy system


Signal system, emergency lighting system, security system


Telecommunication Station Room


Mobile Charging Station







Manufacture: Our factory is 12,000 sq. ft. with more than 150 employees that produces 1000+ battery packs a day. We take full control over cost, quality and delivery of our products.


Reliability: The company is ISO9001, ISO14001:2015, BSCI  certified, and our products are certified by standards like CE, UL, FCC, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3, etc.


Quality: From raw materials to finished products, every link is under ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. Highly automated production lines ensure the consistency and stability of product quality.


R&D: With a R&D team members has over 10 years working experiences on Lithium Batteries, we are capable of customizing any battery packs that meet your requirements.


Delivery:  We have our own associated spare parts factory which can help for fast delivery.


Warranty: Thoughtful after-sales service, 5 years warranty and lifelong technique support.



Below are the answers to the questions that you may like to ask for


1. Can I charge the battery from the mains?

Short answer is yes but it will require a hybrid inverter. This would mean you could charge the battery at a cheap night rate from the grid as well as charging the battery from the solar PV.


2. Can I have an Uninterrupted supply (UPS) if there is a powercut?

Yes but would need to be wired to a dedicated circuit within the house, for example the upstairs sockets and downstairs lighting, this would then provide you with emergency power in the event of you losing the mains.


3. What’s the best location for batteries?

They work best in a room that doesn’t get too hot – Ideally they would go in a garage but they can go in a loft or any other room but the warmer they get the less efficient they become. The operating temperature ranges from -10 to 50 degrees but will see efficiency drops below 0 and above 40 degrees


4. Are Batteries safe?

Batteries are no more unsafe than any other electrical installation, as with anything there are risks but these are very small and should be a great consideration.


5. Can I add more batteries at a later date?

Yes, YuYang Energy batteries can accept a further 14 battery packs taking, the total capacity can reach to 76.8kWh with 15 packs of 51.2V 100Ah battery. 


6. How long do they last?

This is actually determined by the number of cycles the battery goes through, this means a full charge and discharge. On average a battery will last around 10-15 years and all batteries have at least a 5 year warranty and most can be extended to 10+ years.


7. What’s the difference between Capacity and useable capacity?

Most batteries will have a capacity and a useable capacity – this can be confusing but in basic terms batteries should never been fully discharged and as such the useable capacity takes this into account.      


8. Why YuYang Energy's Lithium Iron Battery Is Your Best Alternative?

* Safe and clean with zero maintenance

* Long life span: Designed to last 5+ years

* Save cost and fast delivery

* Stable cells supply



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